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The classroom is at the heart of every teaching institution. Whether you opt for traditional row seating, prefer a more collaborative style of learning or would like a combination of both, StriveAV has the AV equipment you need to get the most out of both teachers and students.

However, with so much choice out there it can be difficult to know which AV kit will work best in your specific scenario. And that’s where StriveAV comes in. With decades of experience providing AV solutions for all kinds of teaching spaces, we can advise on the latest and most effective tools, that will truly impact learning outcomes.

From interactive whiteboards and high-definition displays to make lessons more engaging, to ceiling arrays that ensure everyone can hear the teacher no matter where they are in the room, and control systems that make it easy to set up lessons, an integrated AV solution can enhance communication, encourage collaboration and create memorable learning experiences.

Our Classroom Solution

  • Professional audio system
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Interactive Displays
  • Projectors
  • Wireless content sharing
  • Videoconferencing

Perhaps more than any other sector, the technology used in education environments has changed massively over the past decade or so. It’s now increasingly common to see interactive whiteboards and touchscreens in classrooms, with students encouraged to develop soft skills such as communication and decision making, alongside core subjects.

In many teaching spaces, this has evolved to include wireless content sharing solutions, whereby teachers can instantly display, share and annotate content, and even videoconferencing. Indeed video-assisted learning looks set to be one of the big trends over the next few years, offering a more personalized learning experience, providing access to a wide range of learning materials, and increasing engagement.

While video gets a lot of attention in classrooms, it’s important not to overlook the audio; if students can’t hear a lesson clearly, it’s going to have a major impact on their learning. For example, a good voice reinforcement system will enable all students in a classroom to hear equally well without putting extra strain on the teacher’s voice. In addition, a wireless microphone system can offer a more natural experience, enabling the teacher to move around as they wish, while still being heard by students.

Classroom Case Study

Grange Park Primary School


Features of the site include state-of-the-art classrooms, more welcoming communal and reception areas, along with outside areas including a field, forest, and allotment.  The entire planning, design, and build project took around 10 years, with construction lasting around 18 months.

The intention was to move students out of the old Calcott site, which was in a state of disrepair, and into a new space that featured larger classrooms, more outside space, and new teaching equipment.

This included an AV upgrade which was funded through the Building Schools for the Future program at Telford & Wrekin Council, which saw interactive screens installed in all 17 classrooms.

See Full Case Study Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Most asked Questions about Classrooms

There are no hard and fast rules here as it depends very much on the style of learning being employed, however we would suggest considering interactive whiteboards, LED displays projectors and screen, videoconferencing tools and perhaps even an audio system. StriveAV’s experts are always on hand to provide more specific details depending on your needs, so get in touch now.
There are two key ways to encourage user uptake: speak to teachers before starting any project to make sure you understand how spaces are used, any pain points or concerns, and what outcomes they’d like to achieve; and ensure users are comfortable and confident using any new technology. StriveAV will undertake comprehensive user training to achieve this and to make sure teachers are clear on the benefits of any new tech.
Certainly. We are experienced in projects of all shapes and sizes and will work with you to achieve the desired outcomes whatever you needs.
This is all about understanding how spaces will be used now and in the future and, fortunately, the experts at StriveAV understand the very latest technology and how it can best be implemented. For example, we’ll be able to advise on scalable technology that will make it easier to add components as needed. Similarly, software-based devices are a sensible option here as new features and updates can be automatically pushed out. Perhaps most important when it comes to the longevity of any AV installation is having a maintenance plan in place, so speak to your StriveAV representative about the options available here.
This can be a huge benefit to both users and tech teams. When it comes to users it means they can go into any classroom and immediately recognise the technology within it; there’s no learning curve and no time wasted at the start of lessons trying to figure out how a specific device works. For AV/IT teams it is much easier to troubleshoot and manage a smaller range of devices, relieving pressure on what can be overstretched teams.
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The technical experts at StriveAV are always on hand to discuss your needs more thoroughly. We can advise on everything from initial consultation to post-installation service and support.

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