Room & Desk Booking

By allowing people to book their room online – it’s no longer necessary to manually manage room diaries, reducing the pressure on staff. Not only that – but more sophisticated systems can capture all the key information needed to ensure every meeting runs smoothly.

Scheduling shared spaces in busy environments such as offices and across campuses can be a challenge, room and desk booking can help bring both operational and commercial benefits to users.

By combining meeting room booking software with hardware such as control panels and illuminated wall and ceiling signs, users will be able to clearly see the status of a room, when meetings are scheduled and when they are due to finish, removing the temptation to use rooms without booking them. Some panels can also be used for digital signage, creating an additional way to share corporate messaging.

Room & Desk Booking Solutions

A number of key elements make up an effective meeting room booking system. Take Crestron Flex, for example, which consists of touch screens, indicators and occupancy sensors. It is designed to adapt as user needs change, while making it easy to locate, book and optimise rooms for meetings. Built-in scheduling software directly connects to calendaring platforms from Microsoft, Google, Ad Astra and CollegeNET, while the standard GUI makes it easy to see when rooms are available and check in, extend sessions or finish meetings early.

Kramer’s KronoMeet cloud-based room scheduling and meeting management platform features 7in or 10in portable touch panels and is designed to streamline and automate the management side of room bookings, while providing live notifications to meeting participants. Fully customisable and scalable, it also focuses on security with password protected exit, hidden control buttons and flexible locking options to prevent unwanted panel mount removal.

Another respected name in the world of AV control and switching, AMX’s Acendo Book scheduling panels are designed to make mass deployment and configuration easy thanks to the CloudWorx Management central management and deployment dashboard, ideal for large estates. The capacitive touch display enables a fast and accurate user experience with smudge and scratch resistance for added durability, while syncing with your scheduling platform makes it easy to determine availability and book rooms.

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