Hall Solutions

When it comes to school halls, it’s important to opt for an audio, video and control setup that is specifically designed for a larger space, and one that can be used to host a wide variety of events.

The ability to share content from devices such as laptops and tablets, with the introduction of tablets can allow users to control the main display from anywhere in the room.

It’s important to understand your environment before choosing a projector or LED screen for your AV solution. Key factors to consider include how much daylight enters the hall, how big the projector needs to be so that everyone can comfortably see what is being presented, the maintenance requirements of the projector, and so on. Laser projectors, for example work well as a hall solution, as they offer high brightness with a long lifecycle, often making them a wise longer-term investment.

Hall Solutions

Projectors and LED screens also enable quick and easy content sharing, from a range of devices such as laptops and tablets. Remote control of the main display is managed via a dedicated tablet from anywhere in the room.

In many teaching spaces, this has evolved to include wireless content sharing solutions, whereby teachers can instantly display, share and annotate content, and even videoconferencing. Indeed video-assisted learning looks set to be one of the big trends over the next few years, offering a more personalised learning experience, providing access to a wide range of learning materials, and increasing engagement.

While video gets a lot of attention in classrooms, it’s important not to overlook the audio; if students can’t hear a lesson clearly, it’s going to have a major impact on their learning. For example, a good voice reinforcement system will enable all students in a classroom to hear equally well without putting extra strain on the teacher’s voice. In addition, a wireless microphone system can offer a more natural experience, enabling the teacher to move around as they wish, while still being heard by students.

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