Our very own Mike Brown took part in an education roundtable event hosted by Paul Milligan from AV Interactive Magazine in June. The focus of the event was how classroom AV technology has evolved over the years and what the future holds.

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The panel included:

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  • Mark Affection, University of Greenwich
  • Rachel Jones, Elliot Foundation Academies Trust
  • Yahya Akhoon, Norlington School for Boys
  • Phil Clark, Casio (sponsor)
  • Richard Padun, Panasonic (sponsor)

The questions brought up included:

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  • What comprises the modern learning experience for you?
  • How are you accommodating smartphones/tablets in to the modern learning experience?
  • Can you link the quality of teaching to AV?
  • Are students now seen as customers? If so what impact does this have on AV?

The panel felt that there can be little doubt AV technology is a positive learning aid in the classroom.  But it must not be viewed as a ‘cure’ for poor teaching, and we will only see the benefits when staff are well-trained in the equipment and it is the right technology for each individual, not just another standard classroom set-up.

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