Video conferencing

The use of video conferencing has risen exponentially in recent years and the coronavirus pandemic has only served to cement its role as an essential tool for communication and collaboration. What many businesses and learning institutions have realised, however, is that consumer-level video conferencing platforms combined with audio and video via a laptop simply isn’t conducive to effective working and learning.

Video conferencing has the power to transform business, to bring you closer to your customers, to widen your talent pool and to maintain employee morale but if the tools used to deliver it aren’t up to the task you’ll end up with frustrated teams, disappointed customers and poor communication across the business.

The good news is that upgrading your video conferencing setup doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming. The addition of a video conferencing system, comprising a high-definition camera and full video processing codec, and a conference phone or conference call microphone with features such as echo cancellation, automatic gain control and automatic noise reduction will immediately provide a much better experience for all.

For higher end video conferencing suites, ceiling array microphones can ensure excellent pickup of speakers no matter where they’re located, central displays will mean user don’t have to crowd around a laptop and can make content sharing easy, and control systems will mean meetings can start at the touch of a button., removing potential user frustration

When it comes to meeting room design, we don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach. To get the most out of your technology it needs to meet your needs and the way your business works. For a bespoke consultation, contact StriveAV today.

A must-have tool for multiple situations

  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Public sector
  • Healthcare

Logitech is one company that provides video conferencing solutions specifically tailored to the healthcare sector. Designed to be used by outpatients, in patients and in a care home setting, Logitech supplies webcams and desktop kits to add conferencing to any room, while all in one conferencing cams such as MeetUp or Rally enable professional-quality video and audio for individual hospital rooms, consultation rooms, medical carts and other applications.

Supported by a wide range of hardware partners, Zoom Rooms is a popular platform that brings intuitive video conferencing to every type of meeting space. By combining Zoom’s cloud platform with hardware that specifically suits your needs it’s possible to create a customised solution for everything from the smallest huddle room to a fully integrated training space.

Another popular choice, particularly in a corporate environment, is Barco’s innovative ClickShare wireless conferencing solution. With a user setup time of just seven seconds, the ClickShare Button simple plugs into a laptop or desktop and connects instantly with your peripherals meaning meetings can begin with absolutely no fuss, all while integrating seamlessly with the network.


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