CDEC rebrands as StriveAV

CDEC strives for ever greater success with expansion plans and rebrand
Leading global AV integrator becomes Strive AV and moves to larger premises in Surrey

AV integrator CDEC has become Strive AV. The new name coincides with a period of growth for the company that will also see it moving to a 5,693sqft premises in Felbridge, Surrey and appointing seven new directors.

Managing director Toni Chalk, who has bought the business from her existing business partner, said: “This is the next chapter in the story of CDEC. By becoming Strive AV we signal our intention to move the business forward and to always strive for success.”

The Felbridge facility will enable Strive to continue to grow the business and create space for services such as rack building.

Chalk is also in the process of appointing new directors within the business. These former members of the CDEC senior team have been working for the business for many years and bring vast amounts of knowledge and experience to their new roles.

The new team will consist of Jackie Pasifull, director; Matthew Finch, financial director; Matthew Dunne, sales and marketing director; David Corker, sales and technical director; Mark Brooks, commercial director; Derek Pyle, services director; and Jon Booth, technical service director.

Chalk added: “I have worked with this team for many years and the expertise they will bring to Strive AV is invaluable. While we are changing our name and moving to a new site, what won’t change is the impeccable service you’ll receive from the team, the knowledge and insight they are able to share and their passion for creating world-class AV solutions. We look forward to working with our clients old and new as Strive AV.”

Now for the legal bit – The company number has not changed, it is still 4102256, the VAT number is still 769341302, and our bank details have also remained the same as well. So the change should be pretty painless as we are not changing to a new entity. However, if you need to validate any of this please contact [email protected].

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