Yooserv sets the AV benchmark for services workspaces

Premium serviced office group, YoooServ, offers cutting edge technology to support the future of work at new 5* workplaces thanks to award-winning integrator, Strive AV

YoooServ provides high-end serviced offices and workspaces that can be tailored to the unique needs of every business. Home to high-profile brands and big corporate enterprise, YoooServ currently has four locations across the UK, two more opening next year. 

As part of its ongoing expansion plans, YoooServ acquired sites at No.5 Weybridge and The Abbey in Reading that required a full refurbishment. Strive AV, an award-winning integrator, was commissioned to specify and install a comprehensive AV solution that would provide seamless collaboration, high-quality meetings and on-point digital signage.


Being completely new locations, YoooServ needed the space to quickly attract new tenants with AV a top priority. The technology should enable people to instantly get on with the task in hand, from presenting plans online or connecting to a video call – the experience should be easy, fast, and high quality. 

From initial design to integration and support, Strive AV had the expertise to provide a strategic and comprehensive end-to-end solution for meeting rooms and communal areas.

I’ve worked with Strive AV in the past and they always manage to find a perfect solution. It was important for the AV to compliment and seamlessly integrate with the meticulously designed office spaces, and ensure ease and supportive equipment was available throughout our premium offices. 

Benjamin Willmore, CEO, Yoooserv


Ease of use was a key factor, so that business could be done without any technical issues getting in the way. The team at Strive AV mapped a solution that would simplify the AV capabilities and usability within the building’s communal areas, as well as meeting rooms, boardrooms, reception, and open spaces, to make it as intuitive as possible. 

In each of the 15 meeting rooms there is a Top-Tec AV integrated collaborative table so users can get straight into a meeting with very little setup involved. An ultra-high definition 4k Samsung QMR smart screen sits at the head of each table, with a Logitech Rally Plus video conferencing solution for high-quality audio and camera. 

“The offices include a Town Hall style communal area, where we wanted to create a more informal ideation space away from the main meeting rooms. Here, people can grab an on-the-go collaboration trolley, equipped with everything required to start a meeting or online brainstorming session – you don’t even need a laptop!” explains Benjamin. 

Each portable collaboration trolley is set-up to allow meetings to happen quickly. A 65” Clevertouch UX Pro touchscreen is supported by Barco Clickshare wireless conferencing / presentation, Logitech MeetUp VC cameras and DisplayNote Launcher software – providing secure and easy access to apps, video calls and calendars. There is no need for a laptop as users can simply log-in with their YoooServ ID. 

Providing an impressive welcome for visitors, the reception areas are installed with LG LED wall solutions for digital signage, which can be tailored with bespoke messages. While in communal areas, the messages and branding reflect current campaigns from YoooServ and its high-profile tenants. 

Each LG LED screens links to state-of-the-art ONELAN digital signage CMS hosting platform, which populates the display with content, and is quick and easy to update. This platform also provides Strive AV with secure remote management of software updates and maintenance across multiple screens. 

“Within our communal areas we wanted to have the ability to directly engage with tenants.” Said Benjamin. “The high-spec screens provided by Strive AV allow us to update the content, easily and efficiently, with things like welcome messages for new tenants and company videos. Tenants navigating around the building see the digital signage and are then inspired to speak to that company, who just so happen to be in the same building.”

The boardroom includes a Top Tec twenty-seater table and is intended for larger meetings, which required a large-scale display. Content can be shared in high resolution on the impressive LG 136” LED Wall, providing a superb viewing experience for those in the room or joining virtually. The LED technology provides a sharp and clear image, so presenters can view, zoom in on and explore images, charts or documents in precise detail.

The boardroom features Logitech Tap video conferencing for Google, Microsoft and Zoom for a wide range of collaboration options. It also includes QSC Cameras and Tascam Mics, which cleverly track each presenter. The camera and mic will automatically follow the presenter, giving them freedom to move around the room. An in-ceiling audio system means virtual and in-room participants hear every word clearly.


“We are delighted with the result and the positive reception it has received from users, across a broad range of businesses. The importance of receptive AV technology is crucial to delivering and maintaining successful, streamlined business communications. We strategically selected the chosen AV equipment to coincide with the unique and contemporary office space and to mirror YoooServ’s ethos of a bespoke, professional, and flexible working environment.” concludes Toni Chalk, Managing Director at StriveAV.

Meeting Rooms

  • Samsung QM55R-A UHD Display Screens (55” – 75”) 
  • Logitech Rally Plus System – Premium Video Conferencing 
  • Top-Tec Synergy Blade Collaboration table 
  • Kramer Table Boxes for Connectivity Cable Management 


  • Clevertouch UX Pro Touchscreens 65” 
  • Logitech Meetup All-in-one Conference Camera 
  • Barco Clickshare Wireless Presentation 
  • Displaynote Launcher Collaboration Software 

Reception & Communal Areas 

  • LG dvLED Video Wall solution for digital signage 
  • ONELAN Digital signage 


  • LG’s 136” All-in-One dvLED Screen (LAEC015) 
  • QSC PTZ-IP Conference Cameras 
  • Top-Tec Unity 20 Seater Collaboration Table 
  • Clockaudio CS Series RGB Mics 
  • Logitech Tap MTR Control Panel 
  • JBL Pro In-Ceiling Speakers

Case Study

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