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Strive AV is one of Europe’s most dedicated and passionate AV Equipment and AV system integrators. From initial design consultation to deployment and managed services, Strive AV is a trusted technology partner. We work in partnership with all of our clients and enable people and businesses to work more efficiently together in everyday life. Our world-class AV equipment & AV system Integration support services connect and unify organizations, their people and partners, no matter where in the world they are. Our audio-visual solutions are the best on the market.

Core Solutions

The core of communication and collaboration for most businesses are usually meetings, whether they are conducted online or in-person. In today’s world of geographically dispersed teams and the growing trend of hybrid work, it’s crucial to bring those who cannot attend the meeting physically into the room. Resonate can help integrate Microsoft Teams into your meeting room and provide deployment and management services for everything from the simplest to the most complex solutions.

A modern necessity for any work environment,  our meeting & board room AV inspires more impactful and productive experiences  in formal management meetings as well as spontaneous get-togethers.

Transform your meeting room technology with our reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective AV solutions. Provide reliable and consistent user experiences that will increase adoption and usage. Support higher value decision making, stimulate innovation and enhance collaborative work. Enable geographically dispersed team working by bringing the right combination of skill sets. From our AV design & Integration consultation through to program delivery, Strive AV is here every step of the way.

The unique and intelligent digital signage software Strive AV integrate mixes data from databases, RSS feeds, news information and internal feeds with clients’ video media assets.

Generate viewer centric and tailored content” and “with scheduled functions and real-time monitoring.

investing in huddle rooms is a great way to begin standardising AV across your estate, , meaning users no longer have to learn how to operate different technology depending on which room they happen to be in.
To achieve this, it’s important to have the right technology in your room. Done properly, huddle rooms have been shown to increase productivity, bring disparate teams together and improve decision making – and technology is central to this.


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