With scalable bezel-free image sizing, projection is the most flexible of display solutions providing creative opportunities to inform, present and impress. Offering many advantages where flat screen displays are unsuitable, Sharp/NEC offers a wide range of technologies and brightness levels to perfectly meet the needs of numerous and varied applications.

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Laser Projectors

Sharp/NEC laser projection brings benefits to your business through long lasting maintenance-free operation of typically 20,000 - 30,000 hours, leading to significant savings in terms of operational costs. Impressive visualisation with versatile projection characteristics alongside high installation flexibility makes installation easy and worry free.

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Business Projectors

Adaptable, professional projectors for mobile or mounted usage, Sharp/NEC’s desktop projection range delivers good brightness capacities and long lamp and filter life to ensure a compellingly low total cost of ownership (TCO). Let your presentation shine bright and vivid with the confidence that your investment is secure.

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Professional Projectors

With high brightness levels and professional features, this series delivers affordable large-screen projection performance and includes both portable devices as well as products for permanent installation. Enjoy peace of mind with future-proof connectivity and a low total cost of ownership (TCO) whilst delivering impressive high impact presentations.

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Installation Projectors

For demanding professional setups, Sharp/NEC’s installation projector ranges provide 24/7 operation, low TCOs driven by low maintenance filter-free design and long-lasting 20,000 h laser light technology, latest interface technologies and highest installation flexibility. With premium class picture quality these projection solutions offer a compelling proposition.

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The Sharp/NEC Difference

From award-winning image quality, to world-leading reliability, with an all-metal chassis design, and unique worldwide partner support network; discover 9 reasons why Sharp/NEC is not like other vendors.

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Offering the broadest visual solutions portfolio in the industry, Sharp NEC Display Solutions offers user-centred innovation across LCD displays and video walls, lamp and laser projectors, dvLED digital surfaces, 8K and 5G technology, collaboration solutions, IoT and AI driven analytics, and calibration tools. With an established and extensive solutions partner network, our expertise as a total solutions provider spans a wide variety of sectors including retail, enterprise, education, entertainment, transportation, energy and utility, and more. Our reputation for quality, reliability, industry-leading customer service and support makes Sharp/NEC a preferred and trusted partner.


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