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Visitor management systems bring with them a variety of benefits, from ensuring a consistent, professional arrival experience to offering the safety and security of knowing exactly who is in a building.

With an effective management system, visitors will simply need to sign in via a device such as a tablet, freeing up time for front of house staff to complete other tasks without constant distractions while ensuring an organisation has a complete record of who is visiting them and when. This information will also be securely stored, in accordance with legislation such as GDPR, meaning it can be quickly accessed in the future if needed while also reducing the risk of it being seen by other people as would be the case with communal logbooks.

Such systems can also produce environmental benefits, reducing the reliance on pens, paper and printer ink to register attendance and create security passes.

Once an arrival has been logged, the person they are visiting will automatically be notified ensuring guests are not left waiting unnecessarily. In a medical setting, patients can also be notified of any delay to their appointment, managing expectations and delivering a better experience.

Our Visitor Management System Solution

  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Public sector
  • Healthcare

With instant badge printing, an integrated webcam, a visitor database and DBS checker, a visitor management system that we mostly propose is Inventry. It is a market leader in the education and corporate sectors. Used by more than 7,000 organizations it enables users to accurately monitor who is in a building at any time, speeding up the sign-in process, keeping identity information secure, and supporting reception staff. When a visitor arrives on site an instant notification is sent via SMS or email to the person they’re visiting, while for large events such as parents’ evenings or training sessions visitors can be pre-booked for an optimal arrival experience.

Create a secure, professional, and reliable sign-in experience for each and every guest with a robust visitor management system.

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