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In a training room environment, students will often have to delve into the detail of their subject, meaning high-quality display solutions are essential. A large central display is a must, and smaller screens around the room can add to students’ ability to see and understand what is being presented.

When it comes to the audio, it’s important to create a solution whereby the teacher can be heard no matter where they are in the room while allowing students to interact whether through Q&A sessions or in small groups. In this type of environment a ceiling array system can be of huge benefit to students and teachers alike. By placing microphones in pre-determined places in the ceiling, the teacher’s voice will be picked up as they move throughout the room. Similarly if students want to ask questions they’ll be able to do so without having to wait for a microphone and without the teacher having to repeat what’s being said, crating a much more natural environment in which to learn.

Our Training Room AV Solution

  • Visualisers
  • High-definition displays
  • AV furniture
  • Audio system

Training rooms can be used for longer periods of time than classrooms and can often host technical sessions requiring clarity of both audio and video.

In addition to a central display or projection, interactive screens can be a great tool for encouraging engagement and quickly being able to test the student’s understanding of a subject.

Document cameras or visualisers can also be a cost-effective tool here. By offering the ability to display 3D objects it is possible to add a new dimension to classes such as maths, science and art.

Often the layout of training rooms will differ from that of a standard classroom too, making AV furniture solutions a worthy investment. Desks that accommodate small groups, perhaps with an integrated display as well as device charging, means that everyone will be able to clearly see what’s being displayed while encouraging interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most asked Questions about Training Room AV

This will depend on a number of factors, including the scale and scope of the project and the technology being installed. Once we have an agreed design we will create a comprehensive schedule for each element of the project which we will communicate with you. Your project manager will also be on hand throughout the project to communicate any changes. Wherever possible we will work within your requirements in order to keep downtime to a minimum.
It’s impossible to put a specific figure on projects such as this as there are so many variables. However, as we’ve completed everything from complete high-end solutions through to more simple system refreshes, we are confident we can find a solution that fits every budget.
Of course. Post installation we will be on hand to carry out snagging, user training and familiarisation.
At the initial consultation we’ll talk through your requirements, how the space is currently, used, any areas you’d like to develop and any specific requests you have before creating an initial design. The more information you can supply the better – and it’s great to get the input of users as well as tech teams when embarking on such projects – but we will visit the site and meet relevant stakeholders to make sure we get all the information we need.
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