Loudspeakers are essential in so many environments, ensuring messaging can be heard clearly and understood no matter where listeners may be and despite any background noise. From large venues and auditoriums to lecture halls and conference rooms, loudspeakers make a huge difference to user experience. Given the variety of spaces in which speakers are utilised, however, it’s important to choose one that fits the use case – nobody needs the power of a line array in a corporate room, but nor will small wall-mount units be sufficient for an auditorium requiring high-quality performance.

Once you’ve chosen the correct loudspeaker, the next consideration is placement. This will be affected by factors such as the dispersion pattern of the speakers, the size of the room and the quality of audio required. Take a corporate environment, for example. In a corridor or communal area quality may not need to be as high, whereas in a boardroom it will be essential that everything can be heard comfortably by everyone in the room at all times.

As ever, location, use case and environment will be key to making the right choices, and StriveAV will be on hand to create a bespoke solution tailored precisely to those needs.


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Known for its huge selection of installation speakers, JBL offers everything from sound bars to line arrays. For smaller venues and small to medium sound reinforcement projects, consider the compact VRX900-Series which come in 8 and 12in formats, including a powered 12in unit, while for receptions, retail and restaurants, especially those with open architecture or high ceilings, the Control 60 Pendant Speaker provides voice and musical clarity for rooms with more challenging acoustics.

A newer addition to the loudspeaker landscape is the MXN5W-C networked speaker, part of the Shure Microflex family of AV conferencing solutions. Deployed and controlled via software, the MXN5W-C doesn’t need a separate amp or DSP and completes the Shure audio ecosystem for conference rooms.

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