Whether used for presentations, in meeting and teaching spaces or for broadcast and live events, microphones are key to enabling the clear communication that is crucial in so many areas of activity.

Take video conferencing for example. Whether being used for business or education purposes, relying on an inbuilt laptop microphone is a sure way to make it difficult for people to hear what’s being said. The simple addition of a USB microphone can make a huge difference here. For more formal meeting spaces, a desktop or ceiling microphone can significantly improve audio quality while offering a reliable, and potentially hands-free, option for users.

In broadcast or live event scenarios, handheld or lavalier mics can be a good choice, the latter relying less on the microphone technique of the user. Wireless options can also be a good choice for education and presentation purposes, freeing the talker to move around the classroom or presentation space for a more natural experience.

Taking this a step further and ceiling arrays can be effective in all these spaces: users won’t have to think about the microphone at all and, when configured correctly, they will pick up not just the presenters’ voice but also any questions from audiences or students, without the need for an additional microphone to be handed around.


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Whatever the scenario, reliable high-quality audio is key when choosing a microphone and StriveAV works with a number of manufacturers who can guarantee just that. Take Sennheiser, which has a 75-year audio heritage and has created numerous classic mics, including the SpeechLine Digital Wireless system. Optimised for use in universities and enterprise applications it supports the most common IT standards and integrates smoothly into an existing IT infrastructure while offering AES 256 encryption. With the free Sennheiser Control Cockpit, time-consuming, manual workflows are now digitised reducing the workload for AV/IT staff while ensuring devices are always ready to be used.

One innovation to come from Shure in recent years has been the development of array microphones, with ceiling and tabletop versions available. The MXA910 ceiling array offers widespread coverage for rooms of all sizes and configurations to ensure intelligibility no matter where speakers are located and how much they move around when presenting. It also helps with minimising shared touchpoints as the microphones are placed out of reach in the ceiling. Adding to the flexibility of the MXA family is the new MXA310 linear array microphone whose low-profile blends into any meeting room aesthetic. Capable of being wall mounted, suspended from the ceiling or flush mounted in a table, the 310 is available in 60cm or 120cm lengths, in black, white or aluminium and is compatible with Dante and AES67 audio networking protocols.

Another option, particularly for the larger conferences, rooms with poor acoustics and for use with indoor public address systems, is a gooseneck microphone, such as Beyerdynamic’s Classis GM range, which is ideal for use with lecterns, sound reinforcement applications, conferencing, high quality talkback and paging systems. Available in a variety of lengths and designed to be discrete, the Classis series will not be affected by devices such as mobile phones and can be powered with any phantom power source supplying 8 to 52 volts.

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