Data-Driven Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Making a huge splash in the world of AV in recent years, digital signage has become one of (if not the) most technically ingenious audio visual systems around, and is suited to more demanding applications.

Word on the street is that there's even more scope for opportuniy, spearheaded by dynamic messaging. It's no wonder everyone wants a slice of the pie. LFD displays, LCD panels, video cubes and projectors mixed with rich content completes a compelling line up of digital signage solutions.

Communicating directly to targeted audiences with information & presentations, creating excitement and encouraging engagement has never been easier, allowing you to add to the atmosphere in more creative ways.

The unique and intelligent digital signage software StriveAV integrate mixes data from databases, RSS feeds, news information and internal feeds with clients’ video media assets, all geared towards producing viewer-centric & tailored content. Incredibly easy to deal with, our featured devices spread across networks with scheduled functions & real-time status monitoring.

What is Digital Signage

Digital signage is a proven tool when it comes to engaging passersby and increasing footfall, making it a valuable tool in areas such as shops and malls. In fact, recent research suggests that 80% of brands that implement digital signage record a substantial increase in sales, and much of these are unplanned purchases.

Much more than simply a tool to boost sales, however, digital signage can also enhance the overall customer experience, improving queue management and reducing wait time with informative messaging, while employee-facing signage can impact engagement, improving internal communications.

This highlights the fact that digital signage isn’t only useful in retail environments, it can also be valuable in healthcare, education, and corporate settings, guiding visitors around complex sites, keeping them up to date with relevant news, or finding new ways to encourage interaction with original eye-catching content.

Which brings us on to the fundamental reason why digital signage is so powerful – great content, and thankfully this is no longer the daunting prospect it once was. Many digital signage platforms boast intuitive CMS that makes scheduling and delivering content easy, even over large networks.

A complete digital signage system will include a media player, CMS, display, and corresponding infrastructure such as mounts, cabling, and network connections. StriveAV is highly experienced in designing, installing, and maintaining holistic solutions that will deliver great content for years to come. Key partners, we work with include:

Tripleplay, whose TripleSign digital signage solution has been adopted by thousands of clients across the globe within industries including banking, finance, legal, enterprise, government, maritime, sports, arena, healthcare, and hospitality. Features include dual video/TV windows in Digital Signage layouts, event triggers, integrated Workflow Management system, native IPTV solution – TripleTV, built-in Content Management System, interactive touchscreen capabilities, digital menu board delivery, Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP), and LG WebOS integration and its own content creation software, making this a comprehensive digital signage offering.

A relatively new addition to the market, Crestron’s NME-100 is aimed squarely at the corporate sector, enabling organizations to deliver consistent communications enterprise-wide via high-quality digital signage and media playback. Designed to run 24/7 it is ready to use out of the box it features an HDMI output supporting HDCP 2.2, a TRS mini-connector for audio output, and a concealed microSD card slot for memory expansion beyond the built-in 16Gb.

One way to attract more attention to your signage is to use different shapes and sizes of screens, and BenQ offers a variety of configurations to suit every need. The Stretch Displays family, for example, offers extended-length design in 28in or 38in sizes to meet the spatial needs of any boutique, while the Double-Sided series benefits from a dual-sided 23.4mm ultra-slim panel, 700-nits high brightness, 24/7 nonstop operation and a range of mounting options for added flexibility.

Our Digital Signage Solutions

  • Presenting Point Of Sale Promotions
  • Global Enterprise Communications
  • Consolidation & Distribution Of Info
  • Employee Relations
  • Public Information

StriveAV's digital signage solutions make it effortless to create entertaining & branded content that's both fresh, timely and eye-catching. Our solutions cover a wide variety of locations, including point-of-sale promos, global communications, consolidation & distribution of information, hospitality communications, schedule posting & interactive kiosks. When you add IPTV into the cauldron, you stretch the boundaries of what's possible even further when you choose digital signage with StriveAV.

Hard at work in a wide range of environments, including branding and communications, as well as the distribution of information and employee relations, the opportunities for digital signage and IPTV are truly endless.