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When installing a new AV system one of the key concerns is always ensuring user uptake. Whether a digital signage system in a retail environment, a new look for your meeting room estate or upgrading classroom technology, making sure new technology is intuitive, reliable and helpful is essential. One way to do this is by opting for a simple to use control system. So, instead of walking into a classroom or conference room and having to turn on lights, power up screens and plug in personal devices, a control panel can be programmed to prepare the room, wake up displays and ensure they are switched to the correct input so your meeting is ready to begin at the touch of a button. From there devices can be managed from an on-desk control panel helping the meeting to run smoothly no matter how many participants. Room booking options are also available to streamline the process even further.

By having this single point of control for all the technology in a room, users will enjoy an intuitive experience and the stylish design of control panels, many of which can be customised to complement specific brands, will add a level of professionalism to the conference space.

With manufacturer-led qualifications from AMX, Crestron, Extron and more, StriveAV’s engineers will program and install your control panel to ensure the ultimate simplicity and effectiveness for end users.

Keep it simple with an intuitive control system

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When it comes to wall mount devices, Crestron has panels in a range of sizes, colours and finishes for use in multiple environments. The largest of these is the 21.5in TSD-2220-B HD touchscreen interface, which supports input resolutions up to 4K60 UHD via a single HDMI input. It can be installed using a variety of VESA-compliant mounting accessories, including wall-mount brackets, desk stands and articulating arms for added versatility.

Another manufacturer with a number of options when it comes to control panels is Extron. One of the more recent additions is the MediaLink range which includes the MLC 226 IP controller with Ethernet which means it can be controlled and proactively monitored over a LAN, WAN, or the internet. It enables the control of lighting, screen settings and other device functions, and relays may be controlled through the front panel, SCP 226 control panel, IR 402 remote, or RS-232. Clear controls and indicators also make for a simple user experience.

Offering control and management software, processors, keypads and touch panels, Kramer has a solution to meet pretty much every need. When it comes to software, Kramer Control Dashboard is a cloud−based service that enables an administrator to manage, monitor and remotely control devices in a space. The platform boasts automatic data gathering about room usage, device health and energy consumption, creating actionable real-time data-driven analytics, alerts and reports. By leveraging an existing IP network infrastructure, it is also possible to scale up as required without needing to invest in extending or replacing the network.

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