Collaboration devices

Being able to communicate and collaborate effectively and naturally is an essential part of many aspects of life, particularly how we learn and how we work. As teams become more disperse and teaching moves to embrace active learning and remote scenarios, so choosing the right collaboration tools becomes even more important.

Collaboration devices can include everything from wireless presentation solutions and interactive whiteboards to communication platforms, displays and sound and video bars. Combined these tools will ensure groups can be seen and heard no matter where they may be located, enabling them to communicate, interact, share content and work and learn more effectively.

As well as aiding productivity and efficiency, collaboration tools have also been shown to increase employee engagement and satisfaction, allowing them to access files when and wherever they need to as well as helping develop relationships, both between colleagues and with external stakeholders, making collaboration tools a cost-effective investment that can have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Key to choosing the right setup will be group size and activity, the type of collaboration – for example does this include document sharing, annotation or mirroring – and budget.


Bringing people together with tools for collaboration

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For the ultimate ease of use, collaboration systems must work over any channel and any device, and deliver true business benefits. One example of a tool designed to do just this is Avaya Spaces, which integrates multiple forms of communication – including voice, video and instant messaging, tasks, sharing and more – into a single app reached by an easy-to-navigate interface. Described as a step up from individual task lists, without the jump to large and expensive communication platforms, it enables remote teams to easily stay in contact while tracking the progress of projects to improve productivity and ensure time is not wasted on unnecessary meetings.

Also focused on ease of use is Airtame 2, a wireless presentation device designed for schools and enterprise. Enabling screen sharing from any device, full screen mirroring and one-to-many desktop sharing, this is a secure, network-ready solution that has proven to be reliable and intuitive.

For a more extensive offering, Wolfvision’s Cynap range features a variety of options to suit multiple scenarios – from the compact Cynap Pure BYOD wireless presentation solution for classrooms, meeting rooms and huddle spaces, where the aim is to share content on a central screen, to the plug-and-play Cynap Pure Pro, which provides high performance wireless screen mirroring, combined with a range of popular collaboration tools and 4K output resolution.

For education settings, consider the all-in-one wireless presentation and collaboration system Cynap, which features a media player, web conferencing, recording and streaming, BYOD wireless screen sharing and annotation functionality.

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