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When designing or upgrading a new meeting or teaching space, the focus tends to be on the technology that will be going into the room, and while this is undoubtedly important, it’s also essential that the room is comfortable, fit for purpose and conducive to the communication and collaboration it’s there to encourage.

The right AV furniture can play a crucial role in helping to achieve this, offering flexibility, comfort and enhancing ease of use with easy access to charging points and integrated displays in desks, sit/stand furniture which can be adapted to suit individual meeting styles, and displays stands and shelves that ensure screens can be moved around easily as needed.

In presentation and education settings, AV lecterns offering height adjustability and connectivity not only ensure everyone can utilise these units but they can also be integrated into the AV infrastructure of the room for ultimate control, while units can also be customised to match corporate branding for the ultimate professional experience.

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When it comes to AV furniture, one of the choices that can make the biggest difference to how a room is used is the desk. While many meeting and education spaces have static desks with little in the way of integrated technology, opting for specialist AV furniture such as the Hive desk from Loxit can immediately improve the usability of a room. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, Hive can be configured to fit a specific space while also offering the opportunity to connect a screen for ease of collaboration, as well as device management, charging and security technologies.

Where space is at a premium and room use is varied, the Synergy Folding Collaborative table from Top-Tec can be a good choice. This folding meeting table is easily converted into a mobile item and fits through a standard door when folded making a versatile solution for education and corporate environments. Coming with a PC cage and screen mount as standard, these units can also be customised with non-standard paint and worktop finishes for a bespoke final product.

In addition to desks, StriveAV also works with manufacturers who supply lecterns, AV mounts, TV stands and cabinets, and even accessory shelves, offering a complete inventory of AV furniture and accessories.


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