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As a key channel for communication and information, social media is a powerful tool when it comes to live streaming.

Central to this is the fact that streaming over social can vastly expand your potential audience, offering a simple, accessible way for people to find your content. It also helps with the main goal of many events – encouraging interactions.

Viewers can comment on your content, like it, share it with others who may find it interesting and promote it more widely on their own channels. Depending on the content, you may also choose to charge people to access the stream, potentially offering a new revenue stream. To do this, however, it’s essential that you deliver a professional, reliable stream.

Our wide range of professional equipment will ensure your stream looks and sounds like a high-end production. Sony PTZ cameras not only deliver high image quality but as they automatically pan, tilt and zoom once set in place they can encourage speakers to act naturally rather than being distracted by large cameras. ATEM Mini switchers from Blackmagic Design offer picture-in-picture effects and live switching between four camera feeds while enabling live streaming and recording to USB disks for added flexibility.

  • A simple, accessible way to reach a wide audience
  • Potential for revenue generation
  • Interactivity comes as standard

We can deliver to Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, YouTube and more, in landscape, portrait or even square, with tools that integrate Q+As and live polling into the stream to encourage your audience to interact while providing more insight into their reasons for watching and the value of your content.

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