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Bespoke Scripts for a Seamles Streaming Experience

So, you have your event planned, the technical team are in place and you’re ready to stream. Just one problem – you have no idea what to say!

A well-written script is essential to any broadcast or live stream. It will ensure your message is delivered clearly, naturally and in tone that suits your audience, all without any awkward silences or mistimed comments.

Our copywriters are able to create original scripts to your specific brief or develop existing copy in order to tailor it for a live stream. For each script we will ensure viewers are clear on the benefits of engaging with your stream and what they will gain by doing so, while encouraging them to interact with your content and with your company.

We are able to stream to any platform, including Facebook Live, Zoom, Teams and LinkedIn Live, and many of them simultaneously. Where security is a concern, streaming to a closed group via Skype or Zoom can be a cost-effective solution, and content locking comes as standard.

  • Original scripts from professional copywriters
  • Deliver your message in a clear and natural way
  • Avoid silences, over talking and mistimed comments

Combine this service with our autocue operators for a professional and powerful delivery.

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