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The popularity of esports has grown massively in recent years, with tens of millions of people tuning in to tournaments from around the world. Live streaming has been key to growing this audience and turning what was a niche sport into a global phenomenon.

As well as showcasing events, live streaming also offers a way for esports teams and organisations to grow their followings and attract sponsors by offering them access to these significant audiences.

To cater for this discerning audience and meet the demands of advertisers and sponsors, it’s important to offer a reliable, low latency stream that can respond quickly to events, such as switching to those players who are about to win a match. Interaction is also key, while special features such as being able to pause and rewind live content to rewatch specific moves and highlights packages are also popular.

We are able to stream to any platform, including Facebook Live, Zoom, Teams and LinkedIn Live, and many of them simultaneously. Where security is a concern, streaming to a closed group via Skype or Zoom can be a cost-effective solution, and content locking comes as standard.

  • Reliable, low-latency streaming services
  • Grow audiences and attract revenue
  • Innovative special features for a unique event experience

We offer multi camera broadcasts with gamers' feeds, overlays, tournament and prizing along with admin control. This can be both live streamed and broadcast in-house.

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