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Mazimise your reach with simultaneous streaming

As one of the biggest benefits of live streaming is that you can reach a much wider audience than in-person events, extending this reach via cross-platform delivery makes immediate sense.

Live streaming to multiple platforms means you are more likely to reach more people and on their platform of choice. So, rather than having to direct your audience to your preferred platform, they can choose where they engage with you.

It also opens you up to being organically discovered by a lot more people if viewers share your stream with their own network.
And the good news is that cross-platform delivery doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive and tech heavy. In addition, most platforms automatically save and archive your live video after the broadcast concludes, saving you the time of having to manually upload the content to each platform.

  • Stream to multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Reach the widest possible audience on the platform of their choice
  • Record and archive your content for future use

StriveAV Live will manage all aspects of your cross-platform live stream, with simultaneous streams to Zoom, Facebook and Teams, making sure your event gets seen by those who matter.

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